Is Your Website in Your Desk Drawer?

August 14, 2017


"May I have your card?"


Asking for a business card is an everyday occurrence. It is the one of the first things that you might ask for after meeting someone and learning about what they do. Cards are pocket size perfection and most people have them available to give out in an instant to be able to connect and engage with the people and learn more about them after they meet. It is a business standard that is very effective.


Think about this… What if you had beautiful business card designed and printed and then just let them sit in your desk drawer with the thought that once the task for designing and printing the cards you were finished with the task. Thinking that now you have your beautiful cards that everyone would now come to you and ask for your card. How would potential clients know how to find you or know what you do? What reason would they would they have to look for your business cards in your desk drawer?


This might sound absurd, but this is exactly how a lot of people treat their websites. They spend a lot of time and money to design beautiful websites and then they upload their site on the web. They are proud of their work and feel like the task of creating a website is complete. If this is all you do, then your website is basically sitting in your desk drawer.


Yes, your website is much more elaborate than your business card with so much more information, however, in order to expand your reach to the entire world you need to interact with people for them to be interested enough to go to your website.

Web sites are visited after there are conversations on social media either through blog posts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few.


This is a very exciting time because we have the ability to talk to anyone in the world and the ability to do business with anyone in the world. If you are not already meeting new people and directing them to your website on social platforms, I encourage you to think about your website as an ever-changing exploring vehicle to have interesting conversations and to share a part of yourself with someone you might not have known, especially if your website had stayed in your desk drawer.



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