How to get back to work after the vacation

July 10, 2017

I thought a week of adventure at the beach would recharge my creativity and come Monday morning I would be able to jump back in and be inspired to create amazing wonderful content. However, to my surprise the opposite happened. 


As I stared at my desk... nothing. However, I thought to myself, "I can't be the only one this happens to in the summer."  First, I looked to were I was before I left.

In the image above, you can see how even Post It notes inspired me. I cut out leaves and branches to create a visual for posting notes to myself. I drew a sketch of a bird with the quote from Benjamin Franklin, "Early morning has gold in it's mouth."


Forcing myself to push though, I started by searching the web. I typed in " How to get back to work after a vacation." Forbes came up first. Yay! Only the first tip was to "actively plan for your return." Well, it's a little late for that! I was back and at my desk.


Next, I found an article from Bustle only they had mostly the same unhelpful advise about how to plan for your return before you leave. One idea that I could relate to was to "embrace the post-vacation blues." Now, that was definitely where I was! So, it wasn't just me (thankfully) and it is completely normal to feel sad and blue the first day back to work. Then, I embrace the blues with a little help from my friend B.B. King, and got a hot cup of Vanilla Chai.


This worked! Forget all of the advise about how to organize for your return and how to expertly handle your email in workable chunks. The only thing you need for your return plan is a good pair of headphones where you can crank up the music with amazing blues and a soothing drink to ease back in. It also helps to sneak off to the restroom and dance a little!


Thanks BB!!




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