Ideas to break writer's block for creative content

June 16, 2017

Sometimes when you are searching for ideas to post about your company, you may feel like there is nothing new to say. One way to break out of your block is to simply take a few photographs around your office with your cell phone of spaces that are overlooked to view them in a new light. Close-up photographs are an excellent way for you to get a fresh look at your company. For example, take a few close-up photos of ordinary items such as your desk, entrance way, view out your window or even, usually the pinnacle of unadorned spaces, your office ceiling. As you can see in the image above, my office ceiling is ordinary yet, it inspired me to write this post!


Once you have an assortment of photographs, try to find ways to share your unique story. For example, you could post a week’s worth of fun close up shots and lead into a discussion about the importance of details or how every component of a project matters despite tiny.


Filters and apps can be a fun way to make your photographs interesting, nevertheless know the extremely important difference between interesting that reinforces your brand and interesting that will confuse your clients and distract them away from your company.


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