Good Design is Good Business

May 30, 2017

Good design is timeless, simple and usually solves a problem.


I have spent most of my career as a creative director, however, since 2005 I have been focusing on my live long dream of being a fine artist working in every medium from fused glass, to encaustic painting to wheel thrown porcelain. Although I produced many bodies of work all focusing on environmental issues, it is now that technology has finally gotten to a point where I can create anywhere and everywhere from my phone to computer to camera seamlessly.

Finally, after decades of drawing with a tablet or yikes… a mouse, I now can draw directly on my computer and in 3-D! Gone are the days when I would long to see sunlight because I would leave early in the morning, work in the darkroom all day and leave after the sun went down because the cameras took up entire rooms to enlarge and reduce line drawings and photographs.


Good design is good business. It doesn’t really matter how far technology has come. If the design is not working a computer will only make it worse.


Today, I am focusing my work on creative content to help business grow with a consistent message. Whether it is imagery for social media, content for your blog, photography or you just need ideas to spark some creativity to you team, email me and I will be happy to help you!






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